Posted by: Alex Borders | June 20, 2011

8th Grade Graduation

Monday 20th June

Every parent thinks that his or her son or daughter is someone special—smart, talented, thoughtful, passionate. But what of a whole group that’s special? Is that even possible? We think so, and the families, friends, and well-wishers who attended graduation agreed that the Class of 2011 is pretty special. Each one has played an important role in the class, according to Amy Kennedy, their Class Teacher, as she described the unique place each student has held over the years in shaping the class. They are a dynamic group of young people who seem to have grown up in the last couple weeks right in front of our eyes. We wish them the best as they move on to high school, and hope that they will stay in touch.

WSP graduates have a history of being accepted into the high schools of their choice, and the Class of 2011 is no exception. In September the graduates will enroll at the following high schools:

  • W.B. Saul High School for Agricultural Sciences, Philadelphia
  • Fiorella LaGuardia School of Music and Art and Performing Arts, New York City
  • LaSalle College High School, Glenside
  • Central High School, Philadelphia
  • Kimberton Waldorf School, Kimberton
  • Springfield Township High School, Erdenheim
  • Germantown Friends School, Philadelphia
  • Academy of the New Church, Bryn Athyn
  • High School for Creative and Performing Arts, Philadelphia

CONGRATULATIONS, GRADUATES! And so long to Ms. Kennedy, who has guided this remarkable class since second grade. Ms. Kennedy will join the faculty of the Belmont Charter School in West Philadelphia in September.  We wish you the best!

Before graduating, the 8th grade class took a ten-day class trip to Costa Rica with guides from Outward Bound, here is what some of the class had to say about the experience:

Heading out on the last trip I will share with my class as Waldorfians was a crazy thought. The trip brought us together more, which I didn’t think was possible considering most of us have been together since 3rd grade and, in some cases, kindergarten. During the trip we often needed to help each other through our different troubles and some full-group problems. I have learned something new about each of my classmates (even though I thought I knew all I could about them before the trip). I thank all the people who helped us fundraise for this amazing trip – Jacob Hoffman

I wouldn’t change a thing about our trip to Costa Rica. Considering how long we have been dreaming about it, raising money for it, and preparing ourselves for it, it couldn’t have been more perfect. I had found myself clinging onto the last weeks here and, before the trip, the moments had been slipping away faster than I imagined. The trip to Costa Rica brought us together one last time and then set us free. Not only did I rappel down a waterfall, hike through a natural park, and try foods I never imagined existed, I also gained countless new memories with my friends that I can fondly look back on. I appreciate that so much, and thank the Outward Bound program for the opportunities and experiences it gave me – Celia deCaumette

I started really thinking about the 8th grade when the class of 2008 went to the Four Corners area for their trip. I was only in 5th grade, but I had a sibling in that class so I saw how it affected certain people. It all got closer when we began selling pretzels in 6th grade, and finally became real when we stepped off the plane in Costa Rica. The long wait for this ten-day experience was inspiring to me as a student. I want every 8th grade to have just as great of an experience as I did – Oliver Mitchell-Boyask

I think that our trip to Costa Rica was very inspiring. It pushed me out of my comfort zone to another level. This was very good because I think I came away from it stronger (physically and mentally), and with new appreciation for everything around me. Since we worked toward this since 6th grade, it was greatly anticipated and I enjoyed every minute of it – Roman Fiorella



  1. Congratulations 8th grade! I loved you in 1st grade, and I still do! I have that first class photo on my desk. It seems like yesterday when we went to the trolley car diner and you sang (for the staff) Sammy’s Trolley Car Diner song. The owner and waitresses said that you were the best behaved children they ever met. (And boy, did you eat up those pancakes!) Do you still remember the song, which you practiced for weeks at recess (while looking melancholic and filled with longing) across the park to the magical trolley car? I’ll always remember Roman’s wonderful spaceship creations in his main lesson book. Jacob could climb the doorway barefoot! And Griffin could make everyone laugh. I wonder if I could win our Snowman spelling game now, Erin & Oliver. Your class beat me every time, even when I tried to hide my next unspoken word under my winter cap! YOU READ MY MIND! I wish I could reminisce with each one of you. You were/are amazing young people (then & now). You were a whiz, too, when we sat in a circle and played Guess Who Made that Sound! Congratulations again and best of luck!
    XXOO Ms. Abel (Please email me some photos:

    • Dear Ms Abel
      Thank you sooo much for leaving your comment for our fabulously wonderful graduates. Thank you for your well wishes and thank you for continuing to be a part of the WSP family.
      With very best wishes – come visit us soon!
      Alex – Director of Admissions

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