Posted by: Alex Borders | June 7, 2011

How reading is taught in a Waldorf school

Tuesday 7th June

Soon after I discovered Waldorf education, I had a conversation with a friend whose daughter, like my son, was approaching kindergarten age. We lived in Los Angeles, where getting one’s child into the “right” kindergarten had as much significance as getting accepted to Harvard or Yale.

“Have you considered the Waldorf school?” I asked her.

“Oh, we looked at it, but ruled it out because they don’t believe in books. We are a family of readers,” she emphasized.

I was taken aback. Did my friend think that my husband I, both college graduates, didn’t value books or reading?

These are the words of Sarah Baldwin of Bella Luna Toys, an online store selling Waldorf toys, wooden toys and natural toys. One of the many misconceptions about Waldorf education is that reading support is lacking and that Waldorf schools are anti-books. For the whole article go to



  1. I thought the post was fabulous – so sent it out into the blogosphere! I love that our kids are addicted to stories and want it all to make sense first and then decode – this from an ex-state teacher who used to push academics LOL. Oh how parenting changed me. 🙂

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