Posted by: Alex Borders | June 2, 2011

John Shinn awarded scholarships

Thursday 2nd June

John Shinn has travel-fever!  Class of 2009 WSP alumnus John Shinn has received the Okinawa Peace Scholarship to spend six weeks in Japan.  It is his intention to become immersed in the culture, attend Japanese high school and live with a Japanese host family. John is going to the village of Kitanakagusuku in Okinawa, Japan and you can read about his travels by following his blog at

After Japan, John Shinn has won the Congress Bundestag Youth Exchange scholarship to spend the academic year in Germany, attend German high school and live with a host family. The scholarship is jointly funded by the American congress and the German Bundestag. John will return to the US and spend his Senior year back at St Joseph’s Preparatory School in Philadelphia.  Upon his return John has promised to come back to WSP and tell us all about his year of adventure.

Congratulations to John and all of the other scholarship prize winners.  John came to visit The Waldorf School of Philadelphia earlier today.  His former grade school teacher Mrs Cynthia Way could not be prouder of John for all of his accomplishments, as are all of the teachers and staff at WSP.  We wish John every success on his endeavors.  In case you were wondering, Mrs Way is now teaching the class of 2018.


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