Posted by: Alex Borders | May 16, 2011

My Kids Don’t Watch TV

Monday 16th May

Writer Abi Cotler O’Roarty recently published this article in the Huffington Post titled “My Kids Don’t Watch TV (But I’m Not Judging You!)  The article is about the author’s choice to live media free, something I can relate to as my own family has recently laid the t.v. to rest, unplugged in the basement.

O’Roarty’s experience really resonated with me.  I can hardly believe what we have reclaimed for our family.  Time filled with glorious acts of imagination and discovery! Boredom?  Surely, sometimes.  But the boredom doesn’t last long and then gives way to huge, vast lakes of creativity.  I love our low media life.

What choices regarding media have you made for your family?  Share your stories here.

Also please read Abi Cotler O’Roarty’s full article at – you gotta find out if she is a Waldorf Mama!



  1. We removed electronics (even battery run toys) from our kids’ lives about five years ago. You can read about it here:

    PS It was one of our best parenting decisions.

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