Posted by: Alex Borders | March 10, 2011

Nature and Family Well-Being

Thursday 10th March

Exploration of Nature and Family Well-Being

Join in the Coffee and Conversation series on Saturday, March 12th at 11 a.m.. The speaker will be Robert (Bob) Whitaker, MD, MPH. The theme of this conversation will be “Exposure to the Natural World: Implications for Child and Family Well-Being.”

Parents of students of all ages will enjoy this conversation that emphasizes some core Waldorf values about nature exploration, free play and learning, and it will be good inspiration for the upcoming media-free month of April. Bob is the father of Louella (Daisy Kindergarten). He is also a pediatrician and Professor of Public Health and Pediatrics at Temple University where he teaches in the graduate school programs in public health. Bob is recognized internationally for his research in childhood obesity, which has focused on the factors from pregnancy through preschool-age that are associated with the development of obesity. He has also done research on the social and emotional development and mental health of young children. Bob did some of this work with his wife and PA Co-Convener, Dr. Hillary Burdette. Together they have published 11 scientific papers. Bob currently serves as a member of a committee of the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences, which is developing policy recommendations for obesity prevention for children from birth to five. Bob received his MD at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and his MPH at the University of Washington School of Public Health. Join us for stimulating discussion and yummy snacks. Child care will be provided. Now, there’s a reason not to sleep in on a Saturday morning.


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