Posted by: Alex Borders | March 9, 2011

The Birthday Present

Wednesday 9th March

The Birthday Present by Sonja Seawright

When you are shopping for a birthday present for your child’s classmate at a Waldorf school, you will go to Target because it is just “so convenient.” It’s just up the road! So close! And you’re pretty sure you saw a wooden toy there once. Yes, you know you did. You hope you did? You pray you did. But as you wander the aisles of Target, you will discover that your memory has failed you; your hopes have been dashed; and your prayers have gone unanswered.

Next, you will go to O’Doodles in Chestnut Hill because you “know”  they have wooden toys there. At least they did the last time you were there…a year ago maybe? So you drive out to Chestnut Hill and walk into O’Doodles, and yes, yes there are wooden toys there. Victory! Except, oh my, these toys aren’t cheap. Not at all. The wooden toy selection (suitable for a four-year old) is not extensive, and what they have is BIG SETS. HUGE marble wooden runs. 100 PIECE wooden block sets. MASSIVE wooden houses, stables, and castles. All of which are quite delightful, but what are you? Made of money? Not last time you checked. You leave O’Doodles. You have failed again.

You go home and look online. You find some nice HABA brand wooden toys, both suitable for a four-year old and reasonably priced. You order them and pay extra for one day shipping. The party is Sunday, and you did not go shopping until Friday because you are a slacker (don’t try to deny it).

You will wish you had planned ahead. Maybe you could have made something nice or supported a different local store or still bought something online but from a stay-at-home mom/artist (none of which offer one day shipping). Next time, you vow you will do one of those things. You will realize that being part of the Waldorf community makes you think about things other schools don’t, and quite possibly you will become a better person because of it.

If you can get your act together.



  1. Sonja,

    Have you visited WSP’s very own Fairy’s Wing Store? I have purchased many a birthday present at The Fairy’s Wing over the years.

  2. Yep, I have. Unfortunately, I was shopping on a Friday for a Sunday birthday party! The Fairy’s Wing falls under the category of, “If I’d had my act together, I would have been able to check out other local stores.”

  3. LOL, oh the little trials of parenthood that I had never even considered.

    My mom’s trick was to always have a handful of gifts “in stock” in a closet at home. We didn’t dip into them unless it was necessary, but… well… it became necessary more often than not, lol.

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