Posted by: Alex Borders | February 4, 2011

Negative Effect of Too Early Academics?

Friday 4th February

Is it better to rush your children into early educational programs.  True or False?

(Hint: the answer is towards the end of this short video)

Two University of California at Riverside researchers found that steering young children too soon to a structured educational program as found in many first grade classrooms may be counterproductive to high achievement and to a long life.

Social psychologists Leslie Martin, PhD, and Howard Friedman, PhD have spent the past twenty years following the research of Lewis Terman (begun in the 1920s)that seeks to determine factors that lead people to livelonger. Among other factors, Drs. Martin and Friedman are looking at the impact of divorce in childhood and behaviors and attitudes that influence health and illness.

Martin and Friedman concluded that pushing young children to achieve academically before they are ready often leads to behavioral problems in adolescence and lifeshortening stress in adults. The two researchers have summarized many of the findings of The Longevity Project in a new book called The Longevity Project: Surprising Discoveries for Health and Long Life From the Landmark Eight-Decade Study, soon to be published by Hudson Street Press.

The most surprising finding to date is that rather than a checklist of what to eat, how much to exercise to get, and how to reduce stress, what really impacts longevity are friends, family, work, and personality.



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