Posted by: Alex Borders | January 24, 2011


Monday 24th January

When describing the Waldorf curriculum, curiosity always piques when describing Eurythmy. Probably because little is known about this art form that makes its way into the grade school weekly curriculum in all Waldorf schools across the world.  Anna Zeigner, WSP Eurythmy teacher has this to say when I asked her to describe a little more about the art form that is called Eurythmy.

Eurythmy is an artistic form of movement that fosters co-ordination and enhances the students spacial awareness and orientation.  Students from first to eighth grade learn to move harmoniously within a group thereby developing greater social awareness. During Eurythmy class students explore different musical qualities, such as that which will make us walk heavily and slowly, like a bear, or quickly, like a mouse.  In later years the students learn to distinguish between the different musical elements, pitch, rhythm and beat.  Musical elements can also be found in speech and students explore the sounds that make up our language and use rhythm and meter of poetry in a creative movement process.


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