Posted by: Alex Borders | December 5, 2010

First Friday Magic

Sunday 5th December

The WSP Choir performed at Germantown’s First Friday.  Mrs Rogers-Petro, WSP’s Music Teacher and students from the 4th, 5th and 6th Grades performed a variety of holiday songs to an enthusiastic audience.  We all gathered outside Food For All and Dirty Girl Brigade, where Amy, Leslie and Rachel from Food For All served the yummiest nibbles among which were the daintiest and most magnificent cup-cakes I think I’ve ever seen (and tasted!). Bravo to our performers and Bravo to Food For All. Encore!

At Rothe Florists,  Father Christmas was visiting from the North Pole.  The line was long but children were patient spending the time to confer with one another what they might ask Father Christmas to bring them.  Here are four Waldorf 2nd Graders, among them was requested two spy kits, a base-ball glove and a Wii game.  Thank you to Rothe Florists of Germantown Avenue for arranging Father Christmas’s visit from the North Pole.

Lastly, I wanted to share with you a drawing by my son, a WSP Second Grader.  It is his impression of the Garden of Light Festival.

Garden of Light Festival Song – origin unknown.

There’s a sun for the morning and a moon for the night,

When the moon hides her face, all the stars are shining bright.

Light and warmth, joy and beauty we have tried to build today,

And the gifts we make are the gifts we take, as we go on our way

Verse –

I will strive for the beautiful.

Seek out the true.

Work for the good.

And my best do.



  1. The song is really beautiful. Maybe I’ll have to get Ms Erin (or you!) to sing it for me.

    • Ha! You’ll have to ask my son and his teacher Mrs Persinotti. It’s a song from the Second Grade.

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