Posted by: Alex Borders | December 3, 2010

This Little Light

Friday 3rd December

Today is the Garden of Light Festival.  A chance to experience the peaceful, self-reflective side of the season and a magical celebration of turning darkness into light. Children in kindergarten, first and second grade will enter a darkened room and walk along a spiral path to light their candles from one candle in the center.  They will then place their candles along the path, each one bringing more light to the darkness until the room softly glows.

I am often times awestruck by the beauty within each and every classroom.  The paintings on the walls, the chalk drawings on the board, the creations that each block brings, the sounds of the chorus singing and of the recorder playing, the smell of fresh, warm food being lovingly prepared in the kindergarten.  I am grateful to the teachers for bringing such natural beauty to our students and also for our students who, each school day, embrace all that is brought to them with such gladness of heart.



  1. I am also amazed by the drawings on the classroom walls. I’m sure my kindergarten children are going to appreciate these as well when they make their way into the grade school. Working in the Philadelphia School District, we are always told to make our classrooms a warm and welcome place. I can say that nobody does it better than our Waldorf teachers.

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