Posted by: Alex Borders | November 12, 2010

The Lantern Walk

Friday 12th November

The Waldorf School of Philadelphia shares the tradition of the Lantern Walk with hundreds of other Waldorf schools around the world. Originally inspired by the story of Saint Martin, our school celebrates this festival as a time to come together and to kindle the warmth of friendship as we head into the winter months. The focus on this evening is on the youngest members of our community, in kindergarten through second grades, whose imaginations are most open to the wonder and magic they will experience on this special evening.

Early Childhood, First and Second Graders have been busy making lanterns in anticipation of the shortened days and colder nights ahead. There is nothing to compare to the warmth felt on an autumn evening walking with your children and many friends on a magical, candlelit path through our big field.  Children will know to keep their eyes wide open for some surprises hidden along the way!



  1. Is the community invited? We would love to come and walk wit hour lanterns.

    Namaste, Nicole

    • Unfortunately, this event is only for WSP school families. Perhaps you and your family could make little lanterns of your own to light up the dark nights ahead? Alex.

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