Posted by: Alex Borders | September 28, 2010

What Edward Norton Should Know – Huffington Post

Tuesday 28th September


by Marielle Anzelone

Urban conservation biologist, Co-Founder and Executive Director of NYC Wildflower Week, and former WSP Mummy, Marielle Anzelone writes to Actor, Edward Norton about his new role as the UN’s Biodiveristy Ambassador. Mariell’s letter appeared in yesterday’s Huffington Post. Here’s an extract but for the full article visit

“Actor Edward Norton is unhappy. He is miffed because although he had starred as The Hulk in an earlier movie, he was not cast as the great green hero in a follow-up film. Cheer up, Ed! You’ve landed an even greener role: United Nations’ Biodiversity Ambassador. As the former botanist for New York City, I know first-hand the importance of biodiversity. In fact, I’ll be hosting international diplomats on a tour of New York’s nature this fall for the UN’s Biodiversity Summit. Since we’re going to be colleagues, I’d like to help you prepare for your new role. Here are some things you should know…….”

And so what’s the connection between Biodiversity and Waldorf Education?  Rudolf Steiner, the 19th Century Austrian philosopher, teacher and founder of the Waldorf Education movement, also developed early thinking and influences in the realms of Biodiversity and Biodynamic Farming.  Steiner was a true Renaissance man who developed a way of thinking that he applied to different aspects of what it means to be human; architecture, science, education, medicine, economics and agriculture.  Learn more about Steiner and Biodynamics at Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association’s website


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