Posted by: Alex Borders | September 10, 2010

Alumni Visitors and Happy People

Friday 10th September

Look who came back to visit today!  Last years 8th Graders, Sarah, Audrey, Clifford and Tessa had the day off from High School and decided to come pay us a visit. Of course teachers, students and office staff were delighted to see them and we thoroughly enjoyed listening to their stories of first days at Central and CAPA. Sounds like things are going well! We are so proud of you, come back and see us again soon!

Meanwhile, elsewhere in school today there were many other happy people to be found, all of them glad to be back.  Here are just a few of them…

OK so this last picture wasn’t taken at school but on my way home when I bumped into two more of our Alumni.  Great to see you guys – come and visit us soon!



  1. Aren’t those two alumna?

    • You are absolutely right Debra! Sorry to the gals, Corry and Maxine! Meanwhile, when is your blog post going to appear Debra?! 🙂

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