Posted by: Alex Borders | September 8, 2010

First Day Back

Wednesday 8th September

Welcome back!  So begins another year at The Waldorf School of Philadelphia. Welcome all returning and new families, we are so happy that you are here.

It has been our tradition for the school to assemble in the auditorium on the first day back for the Rose Ceremony. Today was no exception and the incoming First Grade students were joined by their parents for the ceremony during which a rose was given to each First Grader by an Eighth Grade student.  The ceremony helps honor the beginning of the journey that is grade school. It also acts as a reminder for the rest of the students of how they were all first graders once too, and just how far they have all travelled since those early days.

Meanwhile, in the rest of the school the classrooms and the main office was abuzz with teachers, parents and students all of whom looked tremendously happy to be back. The beautiful chalk drawing (above) is from Miss Parashchuk’s 6th Grade classroom. Some of the other photographs taken today are shown below: Carrie, the person you’re most likely to speak to whenever you call into the office; Brenda, WSP Administrator; Pam and Eileen in the Business Office; Mrs Way the First Grade teacher in the parking lot with parents at pick-up; parents and students at pick-up this afternoon.


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