Posted by: Alex Borders | July 27, 2010

Joy and Gratitude

Tuesday, 27th July

Long before there was The Waldorf School of Philadelphia, it was a dream of two Waldorf teachers, Boel and Terry Neville, to bring Waldorf education to Philadelphia. In 1992, a small group met to discuss the possibility of opening a Waldorf-inspired community center or possibly a day-care facility in the city.   In early 1994 this group came to Philadelphia to perform a puppet play for local children and to talk about Waldorf ideas with local parents.  Shortly thereafter, a family volunteered their home for a Waldorf parent study group and play group for pre-school age children.  In January 1995, the Philadelphia Waldorf Initiative was incorporated with the State of Pennsylvania.  A Board of Trustees was formed, by-laws were adopted, and non-profit status was acquired.  Efforts were put into opening a school for the Fall of 1996.

Since then, our school and our community has continued to thrive and grow.  With four kindergartens, a nursery, two-parent toddler programs, eight grades, a varied and nourishing program of special subjects, and enrollment increasing yearly, it is clear that our story is just beginning.  The next chapter includes larger classrooms to accommodate our growing grade school, a series of adult enrichment programs and a number of children’s after-school classes.  We look forward to this next chapter and the ones thereafter with joy, and we look back with gratitude to all the teachers, parents, students and other community members whose love and hard work have brought us to this place.

Blessings to you –

The school and community of The Waldorf School of Philadelphia


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