Posted by: Alex Borders | June 26, 2010

A Mid-Summers Tale

Saturday 26th June

This morning at 10.00 am about thirty or so parents, children, grandparents and aunts visited our Early Childhood Kindergarten classrooms to see the WSP Puppet Troupe perform A Mid-Summers Tale.  The play was brief, not more than 15 minutes, but the impression will be long-lasting.  “Enchanting” said one grandparent, “Magical” said a parent, “I liked the fire-flies” shouted a little boy, “now can we have ice-cream?”   And we did.  Ice-cream cones for everybody!

Many thanks to the WSP Puppet Troupe, Miss Gwyn, Ava and Rob.  You might not know this but everything in a Waldorf class-room is so very deliberate and the preparation of a puppet play is no exception.  It took the Troupe four hours to set the stage for this mornings fifteen minute performance.  Thank you so very much to all of the performers and to everybody who came to school this morning.  There will be more puppet shows at all of our Open Houses, the first of which is scheduled for late September.  Watch the school website for details.


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