Posted by: Alex Borders | May 31, 2010

Philadelphia Magazine

Monday 31st May

Philadelphia Magazine’s June shore edition includes an article Revolt of the Bruppies by Jason Fagone which features The Waldorf School of Philadelphia.

You’ll have to wait until page four of the on-line version (I’ve not yet seen the printed version) to read Jason’s account of our school in relation to the teaching of traditional trades and crafts. Not that I would consider our school a crafts school, but I guess on the surface it could appear that way.  Dig deeper  and you’ll find an innovative educational philosophy and curriculum that upholds a high standard of excellence in academics, and yes, one that’s infused with the arts.  Grades teachers teach classes for a full eight year cycle, the entire curriculum soup to nuts, 1st-8th grade. Students benefit from a real depth and quality of relationship with their teacher that can be a rare  find in many of todays schools.  Special subject classes are also taught at varying points in the curriculum.  WSP has seven special subject teachers, so along side the math and the science we also teach handwork (knitting, sculpture, painting and fine art), games (including circus arts), Spanish, wood-work, eurythmy, music and orchestra.

Think about coming to visit and seeing the school first hand.  Call Alex Borders, Director of Admissions at 215-248-1662 or email to arrange a tour.  You can also plan to visit the next Open House which is set for early Fall.

See the WSP website for Open House details and registration.


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