Posted by: Alex Borders | May 25, 2010

Traveling Through Waldorf

Tuesday 25th May

Posted by Kim Soles

A couple more weeks left, and we have traveled another year through Waldorf Education. I use the word travel; a distinct journey that I’m thankful to be a part of. It was not long ago that my daughter was stacking wooden tables topped with little chairs, climbing on board of her make-shift bus. Or finger knitting block-long cords, made from plant dyed yarn. And now her sixth grade year has zipped by, with treasures she will carry with her into seventh grade. The riches have been two fold. I am thankful for this education that has spilled over, allowing me to drink it up. Learning about Waldorf Education and experiencing the unfolding of an education that is served in beauty, has inspired my daily work and the choices in my life. Two educations for one would be an appropriate description.

As the early childhood years lingered, the middle school years have flown by, a bird taking flight, soaring at a faster speed. In first grade, the alphabet, each letter carefully drawn and having its own beautiful story to tell has shifted to lovely script, depicting reports on heroic figures and Latin America. Numbers that were introduced by clever gnomes featuring Addition and Subtraction are now studies in fractions, geometry and algebra. Found rocks used to build fairy houses on the big field are now transformed to lessons in geology. The excitement of looking at moving clouds and white-morning-moons are concepts and theories in astronomy. Reciting Middle English, as if narrating the ABC’s, flow swiftly off their tongues.

Staying present, pausing to see the vibrant colors that fill the classroom and embellish the thinking-minds of the students grant us with ongoing gifts. I will gently tuck this year away with the last ten and cherish the ever-present splendor.

Kim Soles is a mother, designer, photographer and writer.  She enjoys inspiring others through nature.  Visit Kim’s website at

Photograph of Bluebell Wood, Wales, United Kingdom courtesy of Barbara Borders


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