Posted by: Alex Borders | May 18, 2010

8th Grade Computers

Tuesday 18th May

Stop the press!!!  Today the 8th Grade were seen using …….. computers!!  Our students needed no encouragement or training for that matter in the use of technology, all are pretty adept as you can see.  So, what are they doing?  Studying of course.  Mr Petro, the 8th Grade teacher has introduced the use of computers so that the students are fully prepared for their High School classes this the Fall.

Families often ask about the use of technology.  Here’s what AWSNA has to say about it –

Waldorf teachers feel the appropriate age for computer use in the classroom and by students is in high school. We feel it is more important for students to have the opportunity to interact with one another and with teachers in exploring the world of ideas, participating in the creative process, and developing their knowledge, skills, abilities, and inner qualities. Waldorf students have a love of learning, an ongoing curiosity, and interest in life. As older students, they quickly master computer technology, and graduates have successful careers in the computer industry. For additional reading, please see Fools Goldon the Alliance For Childhood’s web site, and The Future Does Not Compute by Steven Talbot.

Source Association of Waldorf Schools of North America

Meanwhile, this evening parents of First Grade Students were watercolor painting. Parents evenings are a regular element of school life at WSP and often include aspects of the curriculum for parents to experience first hand.



  1. well…time flies! I did my internship with Mr. Petro when his current class was in the first grade! I Recognized a few of the kiddos in these photos as teens! Wow! Hello Mr. Petro! – Patti Donnelly

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