Posted by: Alex Borders | May 14, 2010

Coffee House

Friday 14th May

Wow!!!  Some things are best experienced – the WSP 8th Grade Coffee House is one of those things.  Tonight was my first ever Coffee House.  I’m going to do my best to describe it but know for sure that I won’t be able to do the evening justice.  If you’ve never been to a Coffee House make sure you absolutely, definitely, positively come to the next one!

The premise of the Coffee House is for the 8th Grade to fundraise and for families to have as much fun as possible.  I’m pretty sure that tonight both missions were firmly accomplished.  My family had an absolutely brilliant time.  There was joke telling, skits, original music – a good old fashioned talent show where everybody was a winner.  Mr Petro played guitar and sang original songs written for each of his three sons and one for his wife.  My personal favourite was Daniel’s song titled “Cars and Flowers”, it was a hoot and pretty much had everybody in stitches.; Emily from 5th Grade sang an original piece; The 8th Grade shared a poem written collectively while rafting on their recent trip; The 6th Grade spontaneously took a turn also with a poem; Ben played violin; The Bulldog Brothers played; Gwyneth, Tristan and Galen did a car skit; Mrs Gallagher performed a breathtakingly daring circus routine which momentarily transported the audience to the “big top” – it was absolutely amazing; I know that there were plenty of other performers too and I’m sorry if I can’t remember it all right now.  I only took two photographs tonight – Mrs Gallagher during her circus performance and The Bulldog Brothers during their set.

Our school community is amazing.  Family, friends, children, alumni, parents, teachers and students were all there.  My family left with a warm fuzzy feeling – it is entirely possible that it could have been the dessert (there was lots to be had) but I’m certain it was the sense of pride I felt. I’m really proud to be part of the WSP community, and proud of the 8th Grade.  Congratulations 8th Grade – shine brightly and may all your dreams come true.


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