Posted by: Alex Borders | April 21, 2010

Family Fun Day

Wednesday 21st April

Come out on SUNDAY, APRIL 25, 2pm-4pm for a family fun day and pep rally. We are celebrating TEAM WALDORF, a group of runners who are running the Broad Street Run on May 2nd and raising money for the school. The big field at 7500 Germantown Avenue will be the site of the pep rally and we will have circuit training, games and more led by WSP faculty member Treacy Gallagher. So bring your sneakers, water bottle and the whole family for some fun and fitness. We hope to see you there.  Team Waldorf is:  Adam Zihar, Neil Jenkins, Brenda Littlejohn, Kira Gartner, Amy Phillips, Lisa Phillips, Tash Osborne and Liza Herschel.  To get involved with Team Waldorf visit the WSP website at and click on the Team Waldorf button

The “Love” is from the 7th Grade, notice the Shakespeare –  “A light heart lives long”

Whose Shoes?


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