Posted by: Alex Borders | March 30, 2010

Competitive Games and the Curriculum

Tuesday 30th March

At The Waldorf School of Philadelphia we believe that it is important not to introduce highly competitive games too early in a child’s life because it can lead children into a consciousness about winning that goes beyond their developmental abilities to adequately process.  This focus on winning is at the cost of the freedom of play that children naturally exhibit.

It is a child’s uninhibited nature of play that allows the Waldorf Movement & Games teacher to choose activities and games that direct the children’s play in a way that supports their natural physical development whether that development follows the expected path or is challenged in some way.   The Movement Education curriculum tries to give the children basic coordination and movement skills through the participation in activities that naturally promote the development of skills that will transfer to playing sports.  In addition, Movement Education also works with the children’s social interaction skills by teaching them to play with each other before they play against each other, to acknowledge each other, to play safely, and to gain an appreciation for all kinds of movement.  It is generally in the 6th, 7th, and 8th grades that the more conventional sports are brought into the curriculum because only then can the children have a real respect for the law of rules and understand how a team works together while at the same time developing their own self-discipline and competitive nature.

Written by Treacy Gallagher, WSP Movement and Games Teacher

Photography by Aaron Warkov,Photographer and WSP Parent


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