Posted by: Alex Borders | March 23, 2010

Computers Help Kids Learn What Exactly? – NY Times

Tuesday 23rd March

Freakonomics - New York Times Blog

Yesterdays NY Times ran the following article titled “Computers Help Children Learn Computer Skills, But What Else?”  A study in Romania suggests that the use of computers by students increases their knowledge of computer using while lowering test scores in math and science For the full article go to – Also check out the ensuing blog roll which generated a lot of response, like this one  –

Many of the people I know who make good money in computer programming and related fields did not have computers until they were in their teens. The requisite skills for engineering and technology work are not mouse-clicking and web-surfing, but problem-solving, logical thinking, and mathematics. If time spent on computer entertainment takes away from time spent building real-world problem-solving skills, then I think it makes sense for parents and teachers to limit (if not prohibit) children’s access to computers.

The Waldorf School of Philadelphia supports the delay of the regular use of television, video games and computers.  In so doing, children develop a strong foundation in using their own capacities and experiences for imagination, research and analytical and critical thinking.  Come visit us and find out why Waldorf Education is one of the fastest growing education movements in the world.  The next Family Open House is on Saturday, March 27th.


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