Posted by: Alex Borders | March 5, 2010

Bring Daddy to School

Friday 5th March

This week has been “Bring Daddy to School Week”.  All parents, mummies included, were invited to spend a day in the Early Childhood Classroom baking, painting, preparing and eating Kindergarten Snack and yes, even playing on the big field at recess!  “Soothing” is how one parent described their day in Kindergarten.  Not what one would expect to hear when spending a day with a class of  fifteen 3-6 year olds; a group of whom were climbing on top of tables, “Lion Mountain”,  and another group were “fishing” from upturned chair “boats”.  One of the things that impresses visitors the most is the passion with which the children immerse themselves into imaginative play.  Creative and imaginative social play is what Waldorf educators believe to be one of the foundations of later academic learning.


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