Posted by: Alex Borders | February 6, 2010

Shakespeare, Knitting and The Constitution

Saturday 6th February

Earlier this week I observed the 8th Grade during their U.S history class.  The class discussed aspects of the Constitution, The State and The Supreme Courts and they then proceeded to debate a few real landmark Supreme Court cases.  The class took this very seriously, taking into account how difficult it is to interpret the Constitution.  In the end their rulings were similar to the actual Supreme Court cases.  I’m told that later in the block, each student will be writing their own Bill of Rights for teenagers and will be studying the actual Bill of Rights in the Constitution.

The majority of this 8th Grade class has been learning together since the 1st Grade, and some class members have been together since WSP Kindergarten.  They are preparing to leave WSP this summer to embark on High School careers.  Spending the morning with them helped remind me of the exceptional foundation these students have by way of WSP; our kids learn foreign languages, study ancient cultures, perform Shakespeare and Moliere in 8th grade, and in addition to knitting the majority score in the high 90s in math in standardized test scores.  Past students have without exception gone to study at High Schools of their choosing (notably Central, CAPA and GFS) and have entered colleges of their choosing which for now includes Emerson, Ithaca and Penn State.  I know it’s only February and much too soon to miss them, but I do, I’m missing our fabulously wonderful 8th Grade already.

If you’re planning on visiting WSP on 11th February for the Observation Morning you may get a chance to meet some of these remarkable students during your visit.


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