Posted by: Alex Borders | January 30, 2010

Food For Thought

Sunday 30th January

Posted By Brenda Ridley, Administrator, WSP

If you attended WSP’s recent screening of Food, Inc., your imagination (and appetite) might have been whetted for wholesome, nourishing food for yourself and your children. How we fuel our bodies greatly impacts our performance at work, at home, and in carrying out our everyday responsibilities. Children, in particular, perform better in school when they’ve been adequately nourished by the food they eat. NOURISHMENT is the key word here. WSP encourages families to feed children whole foods so that they get the nutrients they need. These foods are minimally processed and believed to better for health. Whole foods include vegetables, fruits and grains supplemented by a little protein and fat. You know, the kinds of foods your grandparents and great grandparents ate.

It can be a real challenge for today’s families to eat healthy even when you know that you should. School lunches, in particular, can be a bear to put together every day. A little planning and some resources can really help. For ideas, recipes, fancy lunchboxes, a monthly newsletter and more, check out Leave it to two moms to figure out how to educate kids on making good food choices and have fun while they do it! And the ideas work for adult lunches, too. Check out the “Lunch Ideas” tab on the site for a mix-and-match chart of lunch combinations that will keep you and the kids happy for weeks. Happy lunching!


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