Posted by: Alex Borders | January 25, 2010

Aditi Roy – The Teacher Says

Monday 25th January

Aditi Roy, Anchor for NBC-10, visited WSP last week.  This morning, footage from her visit was broadcast on the NBC-10 morning segment “The Teacher Says”.  Visit NBC-10 and search for “The Teacher Says” to see the clip.

Today it rained cats and dogs almost all day.  The Kindergarteners played outside during the morning, however Miss Lucy thought twice about putting the children back into their muddy, cold, wet rain gear for a second outing this afternoon.  So Miss Lucy took the Good Ship Daisy for an adventure around the school …….

I spied the 3rd Grade outside my window and took this picture – now you know whether your child was wearing his or her hat!

Despite the rain, there were still many happy faces around school.  Here is Mr Petro the teacher of the 8th Grade…..

and Ms Brenda Ridley, WSP Administrator ……

I’m a little early (it’s not Tuesday) but sometimes I can’t wait to play Whose Shoes …….. here goes ……….

Happy Monday!!


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