Posted by: Alex Borders | January 24, 2010

Grades Curriculum

Sunday 24th January

Happy lazy winter weekend!  I hope you enjoy this entry and that you’ll visit WSP this coming weekend for the Family Open House – Saturday, 30th January at 10.00 am.  There will be a puppet play, bread baking, circus arts, a science class together with a talk or two.

Here’s what’s been happening in and around some of the grades classes this past week……

4th Grade are busy studying fractions.  Miss Campo, the 4th Grade teacher, showed me the  beautiful chalk drawing she uses to teach the art of fractions.

The empty 4th Grade classroom while the children are outside playing during recess.

When the 4th Grade returned from recess, they couldn’t wait to show off their latest beeswax models.  I like the guy on the motorbike!  Notice also the dice.

Not an ugly duckling but a beautiful swan.

Meanwhile, here is what I found in the  5th Grade class.

……. I also found a 5th Grader wise to the blog and with her own camera!

The 6th Grade continue their geometry block.

Mr Andrek and the 2nd Grade are in a math block.

I found these two in the 2nd Grade classroom …..



  1. Emmi was very happy to see his beeswax modeling staring in the blog!

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