Posted by: Alex Borders | January 20, 2010

Aditi Roy of NBC-10 Visits WSP

Wednesday, 20th January

Local news reporter and anchor, Aditi Roy of NBC-10, paid a visit to our school this morning to film a segment for her on-going feature, “The Teacher Says”. “The Teacher Says” showcases “innovative educational programs” in a variety of schools across the Delaware Valley. Ms. Roy became interested in seeing a Waldorf school after reading the recent New York Times article on the Saratoga Waldorf School’s “forest kindergarten” and its emphasis on simple materials and nature exploration. In a telephone call with Ms. Roy, she said she was particularly interested in seeing a school program that is not technology based.

Ms. Roy and her cameraperson filmed Ms. Kennedy’s 7th grade class during main lesson; watched as Handwork teacher Nicole Kielblock instructed the 5th grade in their knitting project; saw the busy Daisy kindergartners; and conducted interviews with teachers Susan Stevenson (3rd grade) and Erin Şemin (Lilac Kindergarten), and students Elliana McLaughlin (6th grade) and Oliver Mitchell-Boyask (7th grade).

Our appearance on “The Teacher Says” will air on Monday morning, January 25th at 5:45 and 6:45 a.m. on NBC-10. After the segment airs it will be available on the television station’s website at (search “The Teacher Says”).



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