Posted by: Alex Borders | January 15, 2010

Super Busy!

Friday 15th January

Friday’s are always super busy.  Here’s what was going on around school today.

The Social Inclusion Group, Parents Group met to explore the possibility of another all community Back to School Night type of event. Members of the SIG Parents Group include Bud Zehmer, Debra Basso, Conny Sterner and Siobhan Hayes.

Also today was the regular Friday meeting of the Parent Handwork group. Regulars include Rachel Kern, Melanie Goldman, Gretchen Wright and Donna De Stefano.

This morning two of the First Graders, including my son, finished knitting their kittens.  Aren’t the kittens cute!  Ahhh.

Today in the hallway I happened to notice some amazing drawings from the 7th grade.  At least I think it is 7th grade work, perhaps a 7th grade parent would be kind enough to confirm that.

Miss Lucy and her little one popped into the office – “Hello, little one!”

Finally, I thought you’d like to take a peek into the third grade class while the class were out ice skating.  Notice the beautiful sunlight streaming in through the window, it struck me as really peaceful which you cannot say very often about the third grade!  I also noticed their tools, which I should remember to tell you more about another day.  Why do the third grade have measuring tapes, hammers and such like in the classroom…….?



  1. What a gorgeous looking baby! Are all children who go to the Waldorf School this cute?

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