Posted by: Alex Borders | January 11, 2010

Monday January 11th

I just wanted to take this moment to thank all the children and teachers who participated in the Feel Peace Drawings for my son’s foundation. I have a foundation for my son Kyle who died from a brain tumor three years ago.His twin sister, Tessa is in the 8th grade. Its mission is to improve the quality of life for children with brain tumors and their families. For the holiday season I delivered 100 red and green blankets to the brain tumor clinic and the Oncology floor at Childrens Hospital. I had wanted something special to go with them and I could think of nothing more special than a hand drawn painting by a Waldorf student. Each picture said Feel Peace which is the slogan of the foundation. They were just beautiful and I am sure provided peace to families in the hospital or being treated during this season. I just wanted you all to know how very special your children are and how they helped me spread some comfort to those who need it so much. I will be posting a formal thank you in the Weekly but just wanted to get this to you all now.

Feel peace,
Joan Kerpan


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